Urban Food

On Friday, I took a drive around the boundary of La Salle’s campus to check out the different food options available. First, I found a small food market called “A & J’s” right off the corner of Wister and Devon Street. Image

They offered a variety of boxed and canned foods including rice, cereal and juices that were all in the same aisle next to each other, unlike most grocery stores I’ve been to. One unique thing I found about this place was that they offered cooked-to-order breakfast sandwiches and hoagies. There was a full menu above a window with a grill in the back. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take a picture because the workers did not want their property publicly displayed, so I respected their wishes. (710 x 533 pixels)Image

Next, I went down a couple more blocks and stopped at the Fresh Grocer in the Shoppes at La Salle. Many students, including myself, purchase their groceries and food supplies from here because it is so conveniently located right off La Salle’s campus. There is a much greater selection of food including a deli, bakery, pizzas/pastas, and sushi section. (710 x 533 pixels)Image

One section that caught my eye was the International food aisle. Here you will find different salad dressings, rices, sauces, spices and boxed foods from countries around the world. (710 x 947 pixels)Image

My last and final stop was the Explorer’s Den located across from the La Salle Apartments. This take-out restaurant is known for their steaks, pizzas, and wraps. They also sell a variety of burgers, strombolis, wings, and hoagies. Not the healthiest of foods, but definitely a great place for college students to order out. One thing I like is that students are able to use their La Salle Gold Card to make a purchase, so naturally I stopped in to order a grilled chicken caesar wrap after I snapped this picture. (710 x 533 pixels)

All pictures were taken with a Nikon Cool Pix camera with 12.0 megapixels, a 4X wide optical zoom, 2.7 inch LCD, 4.9-19.6 mm, 1 : 3.2 – 5.9


5 responses to “Urban Food

  1. I like the variety of food places you wrote about. It gives a good perspective of what kinds of foods are available in the La Salle neighborhood specifically and what kind of nutritional value these foods have. Good pictures too, especially the ones of the store aisles. They were taken close enough that the reader could see exactly what kinds and brands of food the establishments are selling.

  2. Your blog is easy to navigate through and the pictures are interesting. I have eaten at the Explorers Den before and there are not many option for healthy eating. This was a good example of urban food around the area. The picture that you took from Fresh Grocer shows that there is variety in the store and that there are many options to choose from when shopping there. I like how you took a picture of the outside of Fresh Grocer and then below that had a picture of an aisle inside. That was a nice way of displaying the supermarket.

  3. I like the first picture the most, specifically because you found a smaller place in the neighborhood rather than taking three pictures at the Fresh Grocer. It also shows how the neighborhood has places like that where they can get convenient processed foods for cheap rather than spend a little more for fresh produce at a supermarket.

  4. Carrie, your first post titled “Urban Food” was really well done and looks good in the theme you have chosen. Your descriptions are succinct and relevant and contain all the required information. Most of the pictures were taken at a store within walking distance to La Salle, the nutrition project covers plenty of other areas with stores you may not be familiar with that you could try checking out for future posts.

  5. Carrie, the blog as a whole looks really good. I like the way it is set up. If I had to reset up mine i might change it to that. Your blog is also very easy to navigate through as well. The pictures are great. I like the way you shot inside the stores and outside. Keep up the good work!

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