Mission Statement: How will we get to where we’re going?

Up until now, La Salle’s Explorer Nutrition, formally known as the Neighborhood Health and Nutrition Project, has aimed at improving lifestyles and the diets of community members in the surrounding areas near the university’s campus.


A group of us are heading to Face to Face, a non-profit organization, located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Face to Face offers healthy meals to those who are in desperate need.This organization has been contacted by the Explore Nutrition project in an effort to help donate fresh and healthy foods for meals served to over hundreds of people on a weekly basis.

Here is a shared copy of our reporting plan, who we plan to interview, and our plan to create a video package of Face to Face and their efforts:

Throughout the duration of this project, there are a number or questions that will hopefully be answered: What exactly is the root of the problem of the sub-par health and nutrition in the surrounding La Salle community? What is being done to stem the tide of this growing epidemic? What is La Salle’s Explore Nutrition project doing to combat this problem, and how effective is it? We hope to discuss these questions with those who work with Face to Face, as well as frequent visitors to the program. In addition, we hope to consult with “experts” on the topic of nutrition, especially in the area surrounding La Salle. By getting up close and personal with Face to Face, we can hopefully discover the root of the problem of the declining state of the community’s eating habits and begin taking the necessary steps to solve it.

In order to complete this project, our group will work together to create an effective video package that accurately portrays the situation at hand and how this program is aiming to improve the nutritional habits of those in the community. Together, we will all take a turn interviewing workers and constituents of Face to Face, as well as taking photos and video. After collaborating with the material we gather along the way, Michea Bryant will work primarily with putting together the final video project, because of her background knowledge in editing. Our final project will include photos and video clips of the Face to Face headquarters on Price St, the meals being served and consumed by local residents, as well as the cooking and preparation of the food donated by the Fresh Grocer. There will also be audio playing throughout the video, telling the story and providing appropriate background information and context as needed.

The contact people listed for Face to Face are Marie McCabe, the Operations Manager (484.429.1300), as well as Director of Food Services Josh Skinner (215.837.3819). The anticipated time of these interviews will be approximately 15-20 minutes, and will focus on the following interview questions:

  • Describe the services offered at Face to Face
  • When did La Salle come into contact with you to become a part of the Explore Nutrition project?
  • Were there any doubts about partnering with the project?
  • How much of an impact is Explore Nutrition having on your organization?
  • What is the biggest change you’ve seen since partnering with the program?
  • What is the biggest nutritional  problem/issue you see with people who utilize your organization?
  • What do you believe is the root of the problem of low nutrition in La Salle’s surrounding community?
  • What is the most popular food item at the meals offered at Face to Face?
  • Are the people who utilize your services regular visitors? If so, what keeps them coming back?
  • Is there anything Explore Nutrition is not doing to help out that you would like them to begin doing in the future?

Depending on how willing they are, we also plan on interviewing the “customers” of Face to Face:

  • How often do you come here?
  • What is the biggest problem with obtaining meals for yourself and your family? (Financial, location, etc.?)
  • What would you like to see change in the food shopping process here in the community?
  • What would you like to see more of in terms of food provided in the meals, services provided by Face to Face, etc.?
  • What are your feelings regarding Explore Nutrition’s efforts to help out Face to Face?

If possible, we would also like to interview others involved with the “Explore Nutrition” project. Tom Wingert, the Project Manager of Explore Nutrition, as well as Jule Anne Henstenburg, the Director of La Salle’s Nutrition Program, will serve as our “experts” on the topic and can give us some good background information and context for our video.

Questions to ask Wingert:

  • What are the obstacles standing in the way of Explore Nutrition’s ability to provide optimum effectiveness in the community?
  • What is the ultimate goal of this project?

Ideally, our video would include video of the outside facade of the Face to Face building, as well as footage of the meals being served throughout the day to local residents. In addition, we think it would be helpful to have clips in the kitchen of the cooks preparing the food donated by the Fresh Grocer. By giving the audience a visual, it will be able to put a vivid pictures in their heads, hopefully bringing the intensity of the topic home and really getting the message across in an effective way.


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